2000 AD in Stages

Revolver / Crisis Specials

[Issues 1-4]: 1990-1991

Revolver and (late era) Crisis spun off four specials under various guises, from around autumn 1990 to summer 1991. What they had in common was that they didn't contain any of the serialized strips from their parent magazines, instead focussing on self-contained one-offs.

While the two Revolver specials focus on home grown talent, the first Xpresso is tagged as "the best in European strip art", and takes the time to editorially bemoan a perceived lack of British culture in accepting (or paying for) the breadth of Europe's comic scene. Well, you can't force these things. The second Xpresso broadens its horizons with "the best of international strip art".

Revolver: The Horror Special

The Revolver: Romance Special

The Xpresso Special

The Second Xpresso Special